Survival Guide to Moving House in Dublin

Survival Guide to Moving House in Dublin

October 14, 2016

You’ve made that difficult move up the housing ladder.Now that you’ve finally closed on the purchase of your new home, you need to sort out some practicalities of moving house in Dublin.  Specifically, you need to get everything you own from one house to another.  On a budget.  Without losing your mind.  (Or your stuff.)

It is possible.  Although moving house is one of the most stressful events in life, with a good plan you can manage it smoothly with minimal disruption to your life.  And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.

  1. Get Ready! Start packing early. Pack things you can do without first – out of season clothing, household ornaments, those kitchens gadgets you really will use someday.  Take a hard look at the kitchen.  Do you need every glass and serving dish in the next week or so?  Pack away what you can do without so it isn’t all waiting until the last minute.  Tackle these non-essential items one room at a time.  Just do a little every day and in a few days, you’ll have this step done.  Then you can do the essential items last.  This is also a great time to declutter.
  2. Get Set! Label your boxes. Use sturdy cardboard moving boxes, and write the contents on the outside of each box.  Be specific.  Don’t just write ‘clothing’, for example.  Write ‘Aine’s summer clothing’.  This will you prioritize your unpacking.  If you write the contents on the top of the box and on two sides, you’ll find it easier to see when the boxes are stacked up.  Wrap up your glassware and other fragile items carefully, and don’t forget to mark those boxes ‘fragile’.
  3. Go! This is the hard part of moving house in Dublin.  You can hire professional movers, but that gets expensive.  If you were moving from one furnished rental to another, driving a few boxes in the car would be fine.  But moving house with furniture?  You need a van.  Hiring a van without a moving crew is more affordable.  Asking your friends for some help gives you a good reason to all go out together afterwards and celebrate a successful move.

When you hire a van for moving house in Dublin, look for the option to also hire other bits you’ll need for the move.  A hand trolley or pallet truck not only makes the job easier; it also spares your back from possible injury.  Friends helping you will appreciate that!  Cargo straps protect your furniture and boxes while they’re in transit.  Finding a van hire company that also offers these items – as Commercial Fleet Truck Rental does – saves you the hassle of finding them elsewhere.