For most people the Weekends are the only time we have to get things done and moving house is no exception. So to help you through your move we have devised the “Weekender”.

Chose the vehicle that best fits your needs and take it from 12 noon on a Friday to 8am Monday for our all-inclusive set rates.

We will have your vehicle and all the paperwork ready for you when you arrive so you lose as little time as possible. If you wish to park your car here, you can do that too and head into work on the Monday morning knowing you’re moved in.

All our Group A, B, C and E vehicles can be driven with a “B” (Car Licence) and for those with a C1 or C licence they can avail of something a little larger.

It’s all geared to helping you get as much done as possible in the time you have available. Just call us for more information and rates on our “Weekender” Deals and our staff will look after you.